Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lecture 9 Painting Preference Homework

What is your favorite color?
How important is the appearance or design of the following products in your decision to purchase the product?
new car:      very       somewhat      not very      not at all
underwear:       very       somewhat      not very      not at all
tv set:       very       somewhat      not very      not at all
winter coat:       very       somewhat      not very      not at all
What is your 2nd favorite color?
"When you select pictures, photographs, or other pieces of art for your home, do you find you lean more toward modern or more toward traditional styles?"
"If you had to choose from the following list, which type of art would you say you prefer?"
Which of the following statements applies to you more?
"When choosing pictures, photographs, or other art for my home, I usually try to select pieces that fit into the general decor of my home"
"When choosing pictures, photographs, or other art for my home, I focus on whether or not I like the piece"
Would you say you prefer older objects or newer objects to collect or decorate you home?
older objects
newer objects
"Would you say that you prefer seing paintings of wild animals, like lions, giraffes, or deer, or that you prefer seeing paintings of domestic animals, like dogs, cats or other pets?"
wild animals
domestic animals
"In general, would you rather see paintings of outdoor scenes or would you rather see paintings of indoor scenes?"
Which of the following outdoor scenes appeals to you the most?
Paintings of:
"lakes, rivers, & oceans"
fields & rural scenes
houses & buildings
Which season would you most like to see depicted in a painting?
Which of the following types of indoor scenes appeals to you most?
still life paintings of/domestic scenes with:
household objects
Do you tend to prefer paintings that are related to religion or those that are not related to religion?
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"Paintings should ideally serve some higher goal, such as challenging their viewers to think about art or life in a different way than they normally do."
"Paintings don't necessarily have to teach us any lessons, but can just be something a person likes to look at."
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"I prefer paintings that are realistic-looking: the more they resemble a photograph, the better"
"I prefer paintings that are different-looking if they're very realistic, I might as well be looking at a photography"
"Do you prefer paintings that exaggerate the dimensions or reality of objects we already know, or ones that feature imaginary objects which have no connection to everyday life?"
"Do you prefer seeing bold, stark designs or more playful, whimsical designs?"
Do you tend to favor paintings with sharp angles or ones with soft curves?
"Which patterns do you like better: geometric patterns or more random uneven patterns?"
"Do you like to see expressive brush-strokes on the canvas, or do you prefer that the surface of the canvas be smooth, more like a photograph?"
Do you like to see colors blend into each other or do you like it when different colors are kept apart?
"Every color has a wide range of shades. Take the color blue, for example. An artist can use a bright, vibrant shade of blue, like a royal blue, a pale, muted shade of blue, like light blue, or a darker tone of blue, like dark or midnight blue. In general, which would you say that you prefer? when the artist uses more vibrant shades, paler shades, or darker shades of color?"
"In general, do you enjoy paintings that have a more serious or a more festive mood?"
"And how about the painting itself - do you like it to be busy and contain lots of people or objects, or do you like it to be as simple as possible?"
How about the size of paintings: do you prefer larger paintings or smaller paintings?
dishwasher size
full-size refridgerator
full wall
"19"" television"
a magazine
paperback book
"Some paintings are of famous historical figures and others are of more ordinary people. Do you generally prefer paintings of famous people, or ones of more ordinary paintings."
"If you prefer famous people, do you prefer figures from a long time ago, like Lincoln or Jesus, or more recent figures, like John F. Kennedy or Elvis Presley?"
"Do you prefer paintings which are predominantly of children, of women, or of men, or doesn't it matter?"
"Thinking back to the paintings of people that you have like in the past, for the most part were the figure working, at leisure, or were they posed portraits?"
"Which do you think you like better, a painting of one person or of a group of people?"
"And from what you've seen, would you say that you prefer paintings in which the person or people are nude, partially clothed or fully clothed?"
If you were given the choice of a gift - a sum of money or a piece of art that you genuinely like and which was of equal value to the money, which would you choose?
Which one of the following would be most important to you in deciding how much money you would spend on a painting?
the size of the piece
the fame of the artist
the medium, such as oil or watercolor
the degree to which you like the painting
whether you think it will increase in value
What is the most amount of money you would consider spending on a piece of art you really like? Id like it to be a gift from the heart
"For each of the following names, indicate if your impressions of that artist's work are very favorable, favorable, or very unfavorable. Some of these artists are not very well known, so if you have never heard of someone, or don't know enough about their work to have an opinion, just say so."
Pablo Picasso  favorable
Norman Rockwell  favorable
Jackson Pollock  unfavorable
Salvador Dali   favorable
Leroy Neiman  dont know
Claude Monet VERY VERY Favorable
Rembrandt  Favorable
Andy Warhol Very Favorable
Georgia O'Keefe  VERY VERY Favorable
"If you could pick one type of person you'd most enjoy having dinner with, would you choose an artist, a television or movie actor, an author, or a sports star?"

Author Todd Burpo
"How often, on average, would you say that you go to art museums - more than two times a year, one or two times a year, less than once a year, or not at all?
The following are some reasons people have given in the past as to why they do not go to art museums more often. For each reason, please tell whether it is a major reason why you do not go to musuems more often, a minor reason, or not a reason at all:
1. there is not an art museum in my area:  major  minor   not a reason
2. I do not have enough spare time: major  minor   not a reason
3. I don't feel comfortable in art museums because I don't know alot about art: major  minor   not a reason
4. the cost of admission is too expensive: major  minor   not a reason
5. I simply don't enjoy looking at art: major  minor   not a reason
Would you favor or oppose spending more money in federal taxes than we do on the arts?
Some works of art are displayed in public places. Do you think that average citizens should or should not have a say in determining which works of art are appropriate to be displayed in public?
"When it comes to most political issues, do you think of yourself as a liberal, a conservative, or a moderate? If moderate, do you think of yourself as being closer to being liberal or being conservative?"
Which of the following income categories includes your total family income in 1992 before taxes? 

idk thats the year I was born 
What is your gender?

1. Do you think that your answers  are similar or different from most Americans? In what ways are they similar, and different?  I would think quite similar.  Most Americans have the same idea of what they want from art.  However, I think because I have had a chance to learn more about art than the average American I have to ability to make different associations and answers than most.

2. Which questions do you think  would be the most helpful if  one was using market research to design new paintings for sale? What questions would you ask differently, or leave out entirely?  The most important questions are price range, favorite colors, paint consistency, and size.  Just with those elements you could paint a highly marketable piece of art.  I do think the Tax question was irrelevant as well as the  appearance question.

3. Would this work? Why or why not? 
In some ways yes I believe so. You have generally what the public wants out of a picture, but I also believe that you have to take a lot of these answers out of context and apply them in different ways rather than blending each topic together.

Monday, April 18, 2011

BIG IDEA thoughts

1st idea

Metaphor kinda 
garden made of different soils and found boards and trash with four plants one dead one very alive/pretty one fake and one made of manmade objects as a metaphor for the world and how it affects us.

2nd idea

Going off MM
Bullets suspended by fishing line in very organic shapes (defy gravity) 

3rd idea
Going off Map Making/ photos

Photo collage/ web of all things that have shaped me leading to who i am in the middle

4th idea
kinda mapmaking/markmaking

use old quilt tops sewn together to map my life in a mark making way

5th idea

Find another memory from childhood and see where that path takes me

6th idea

*maybe fusing one seating area to another* seating area one side very victorian and proper the other side with a lazy boy recliner and old dirty couch and various other sloppy objects to compare the way society has "evolved"

7th idea
and its a wierd one.....

video of me painting my horse in an attempt to alter him to the world as we alter ourselves

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lecture 8 Homework Fantasy

  1. Looking at the work of SRL as fantasy, what fantasies does it fulfill?
Well honestly we all have different conceptions of fantasy but it really just means the activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable.  So, according to that statement I do now believe that the SRL is in fact a fantasy based performance.  The fantasies it fulfills include the use of machines that have been altered to do things now strange to their original duty, the audience being captured there to watch, and the fact that the machines are dangerous.
  1. Compare SRL's performances to more mainstream events/entertainment that articulate the same kinds of fantasy. How are they alike, what key elements are different?
The most mainstream event that I can think of with any relation are movies.  Today we seem to be getting more action than ever, more stunts, more fire, more destruction. Everything is taken to the max in action movies and I think they are very alike in that aspect.  However....movies are not life threatening, they don't blow up, they don't involve machines that can spit out a 2x4 at 200 mph.  So they are quite, QUITE different there.   
  1. Is SRL "yanks with tanks" as the Dutch protesters said? Does SRL's work promote or critique mechanized violence? or both?
YES, I completely agree! from my research all it seems that SRL is trying to get across is that they can both scare(and kill) the audience and that they can make machine...wahoo.  Nowhere have I found that they are trying to make any kind of statement other than their own "power".  I truly believe they promote mechanized violence.  
  1. Who is SRL's audience? Why were they staging a big event in Amsterdam, rather than Tripoli, Libya or Kandahar, Afghanistan?
Amsterdam is known for its violence.  So obviously they would LOVE to see stuff get pounded and torn apart by violent machines.  Tripoli, Libya, Kandahar and Afghanistan are also having terrible problems...(I wont get into that)but who knows they might try to steal those machines and use them against our troops?!  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

exquisite corpse

my poem was
captivating chess piece jumping hairy daisy
green seahorse drive sweet steve
laughing noodle skied sticky duck

identify essentials

I chose to use a metaphor for the body as a cavity

sorry i dont know how to flip them...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Menil Trip

Dont have my papers back to take pictures of to post....

Lecture 4.2

Photo taken by me of Stephen
a.The purpose of this photo was just to be a snapshot as we arrived (and relaxed) at our Honeymoon destination.  I keep it because it signifies a wonderfully happy time in my life.  I chose it simply because it is one of the only pictures I have uploaded onto this laptop.
b. I guess the emotional relationship would be comfortable love.  Its a relaxed pose but straight on like it was a quick snap. Not artsy in the least bit. I love this picture! Maybe because his eyes are squinted and he's got a big childish grin but its so natural not a serious pose at all. We love each other and thats our relationships to one another!

c.Context = Family and friends, children, grandchildren, If it's up to me it is  definitely gettin passed down and remembered for many years to come

Photo taken of me by our Wedding Photographer (Caryn Wood)

a. The purpose of this picture much like the one above is to capture a memory, I chose it also because it is one of the only nice pictures I have uploaded to this computer and it is very dear to me because it is a picture of Stephen and I walking out of the church after being announced married.

b.Emotional Relationship = somewhat friends we were acquainted by our families and during the wedding planning and many photo sessions we got to be pretty good friends on a professional level.  She was a great photographer and captured us in love the way we wanted. She saw my vision of antique/vintage and ran with it.

c. Also like the above it's meant to commemorate this event in our lives and to pass down to our survivors.

Photo taken by someone I don't know of someone I don't know.

a.purpose = I'd say for a whimsical photo portfolio but if not that then cutesy humor. You can't help but smile. It is significant only in the manner of I have a kitten at the moment and it have a whimsical vintage feel which I love.  I chose it purely at random will of Google

b. They seem to know each others motives because the picture is shot very pristinely and with the right balance.  I wouldn't have trusted just any model with a picture like this.  It seems humorous I can imagine the photographer and model laughing so much it's hard to shoot. Cats can be hilarious.

c. context = not a big group I'd say just about any person who searches Whimsical photo blogs will be about the only viewers of this picture.  It is very doubtful that it will be remembered in 10 years.